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January 22, 2010


Great blog -- thank you for sharing. We had a wonderful time on this trip -- I always wish for a little more after it's over ...

Enjoyed your site very much, so interesting and some lovely Photos, Regards

Thanks, Robin, We did too. Let's do it again. Next time, let's ski together!

Thanks, Rob and Mandy. Wow, living on Cypress must be really neat. I'll check your blog too.


Even though i don't know you personally I really enjoyed reading about your experiences as well. Also i am sure that the users of my expat comunity (over 300000 users) would be very interested as well. So if you would be interested to hear more about InterNations please write me back from your personal account yo i can respond to your e-mail instead of leaving mile long comments here:-)


Hi Philipp,
Yes, I am already a member of InterNations, which is an expat community that has grown tremendously in the four years or so it's been online. I encourage anyone who is interested to take a look.

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