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March 04, 2009


I know the word "vet" first time.
I often go to Ochanomizu sta for buying
my reptile food.
Upstair of this shop, they provides medical
services for reptile and turtles etc.
I hear it is famous of turtle clinic.
If you have any trouble again, try it.

Yotte-san. Thanks for the advice.
I didn't know you have a pet reptile...
is it a crab???
Wait. That would be a crustacean.

Ha ha. Yotte-san wore a crab hat at the Santa Skate, but he and I argued if it was really a lobster.

Crab...Crab...I hate iiiiiittttt!!!!
I visited Kinosaki, its famous city of Crab, before Christmas-run.
It was fully-eat crab tour(Tabehoudai).
On this tour I ate raw crab at first, then turned my face blue and reverse it soon.

Then I know it, I can't eat crab at all.
That's a bad but funny story.

My pet is very cute lizard.

He has a big opened eye and lovery
fat tail.
His photograph is my mixi's profile photo.
Please check it.

Itąs always hard to visit a doctor in a foreign country. Hope you pet is ok!

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