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December 21, 2008



私のはyahooブログです。yamakinu57 で検索して見て下さい。

Hello pamela-sann,
This is Gucchi. I joined the X'mas run 2008. It was first time to me with hand-cycle .
It was great fun to me. I will never forget this wonderful experience.
I much appreciate you and Yagami-sann to have given me the million dollar's X'mas present .
Thank you very much.I want to join again if possible.
I wish you and your families have good new year.

Gucchi-san, Touma-san,
The Christmas Run was very fun, wasn't it. I wrote a posting about it. Please see the pictures. I'm so glad you have joined our group. I admire you for being so active. The handcycle and bicycle that you ride works very well with our City Run skating route. Please join again soon.


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