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December 13, 2007



それでも、アメリカ人が納得してくれるようなピーナッツバターはなかなか売ってないでしょう。Well, done!!

Keith, you are so right. It's hard to find peanut butter here, especially Jif, Martin's favorite. So when a friend who is moving back to the States offered this PB, we couldn't pass it up. Truth is, I drove round and round Omotesando, totally lost, but didn't give up. When I finally found it, I burst out in tears of relief. You might say that this peanut butter was especially hard to find. (笑)

I'm so glad to here you are keeping up with your yoga - it is important to do things for yourself at this time of the year because we as Moms are doing so much for everyone else. I believe that yoga has really helped me deal with some stressfull situations.

Happy Holidays!

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