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March 11, 2007


Hi, Pamela-san,

At first, I have to appoloize that I could not attend your
birthday party. But anyway, Happy Birthday!

Well, I was surprised about so many beanie babies!
But you know? So many in my home, too.

When I frequently flew to the United States, every time when
I transitted airports in the U.S., I bought beanie babies to my
kids, imagining their lovely smiles. Eventually, so many of them
lined up from their room to stairs. :-)
They still love every one of them, every one has eash memory.

But such a lovely cuty period have passed so fast, and my
elder daughter is already 10 yrs this year, and younger daughter
is 7. They grow up every moment I blink my eyes.
Soon they will have their own identity and start to live their own
lives. It was happy thing more than everything, but it make me
sad somehow. So I understand your mind.

These may be the responsibility and happiness of the parents
over the world, I think.

But, you know, a few tenth years later, they finally catch up
with your time scale, and you can walk along with them again.
At that moment, you may have another new generations.

Well, one thing I can say is that I'm grad to share such a
feeling with you.


Happy Birthday Pamela! You're half way to the top of the hill now.

I like this post because we are watching a similar progression. It is exiting and scary, hope we get them on the right path.

Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you like the blog. It's fitting that the fathers of girls find this post especially poignant. Spiky, I haven't met your little girls, but I've heard lots about them, and Matt, your girls are both so sweet. You are both very good fathers, fathers who travel a great deal on business and miss their daughters when away from home. Martin, himself on a business trip now, tells me that he also enjoyed this post but it made him feel a little sad. Well, it shows the softer side of a man, his love for his daughter(s).

Hello Pam, What a wonderfully written story! Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday to you as well. You are beautiful -- you wear it well! I'm looking forward to this summer's events -- I hope rafting is part of it! Also - I'm still heartsick that we won't be coming to visit you and celebrate Monica's confirmation this spring. :( Be well -- the Outlaw

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