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January 24, 2007


So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got the sweet puppy at last!

I also can't have any pet in the house in Japan because of dog or cat needs large space to run or so on.
But in Australia, every house have dog(s) or kangaroo, cat, noisy chock etc...I'm happy to look after them!
The puppy bring many happy to you!

Uhmmmm !! He is very cute puppy.
I love Poodle too. I have two poodles now.
One is 5years old boy,and another is 2years old cute girl. Now,when I am writing to you,she wants to play with me.
I am very happy to hear your new family.I hope he have a good name soon.

He's cute. His name is Toby.

Very Cute!!! You know I love poodles - having two now. Pooldes are a great dog and they are very smart if you talk to him as if he's is human he will begin to understand everything you say. I have a friend, who talked to her "Tony" like a person and he would nod his head to her understanding everything she said. As Toby gets older all he will want to do is please you - and they love to learn tricks, frisbee and agility. Good luck and have fun.

I guess you named your dog Toby. He's really cute. I know you will have much fun playing with Toby and teaching him tricks. Don't forget to help take care of him when you are home so Mom doesn't have to do all the work. Sounds like your Daddy gave in because he felt you both were old enough to be responsible for your cute dog. He is really cute!

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