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January 31, 2007


Hi Toby, I'm Indy. I want to become your 1st friend.
See you this Saturday!

Looks like fun, what is the temp there? Here is KC it's been 5 deg F to 20 deg F, a bit too cold to play frisbee.

Martin just got back from a business trip to Detroit. Said it was sooo cold, lots of snow. On the way home he had a layover in Minneapolis and saw Brett. When he was there, it was -17F at night which is -27C. During the day, it got all the way up to -8F/-22C. (yes, those are minuses!)
Here in Tokyo, it's not nearly so cold, been running about 51F/10C. But even at that, on Sunday, I forgot my gloves and my hands got cold while I was skating, maybe due to the self generated breeze.

Toby had a good time at the park on Saturday. Let's do it again real soon.   

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