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November 08, 2006


Very cool.
Lizzie is learning flute this year. she was very discouraged at first because she couldn't make the proper tones and struggled with fingering. I told her to just focus on getting the tone right at first, then learn the songs. With a lot of practice, she now thoroughly enjoys it and many nights we have to tell her to stop playing and goto bed.

Matt, you have to tell Lizzie to stop practicing? Well, we're not there yet, but that first concert did motivate Jonah to improve. He's been practicing much more, ever since.
Last night at dinner, Jonah informed us that he's the third worst of the 14 trumpets in his class. Always the engineer, Martin wanted to help him set measurable objectives. "What would it take for you to become the third best?" he asked him. Jonah calmly answered, "A miracle."

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