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October 20, 2006


Go Cards!!!

The 7th Game against the Mets was a classic, it could have gone either way in the last couple of innings. It doesn't get any better than having the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and Carlos Beltran at the plate. Beltran is second only to Pujols in terms of talent and to be able to strike him out in that situation shows a lot of grit.

I hope the Cards win, but the Tigers are playing very well, so are favored to win. Can't wait 'till tonight. Kenin has seen all of the playoff games at Busch and has tickets to all of the Series games, I'm envious.

Hi Matt. You know, we saw Kenin in St. Louis. He was wearing a Cardinals shirt. He was at the same game we were at, but the guys hadn't hooked up yet and they didn't know.
Here's some pix from that visit on smugmug.

Well, now the series is 1-1. There's been some good plays. Somehow, Jonah's been watching these games at school with his pals and some of the teachers. Coincides with lunch time, I guess. There's a good mix of fans in the Middle School, as you can imagine, they come from all over the world.
We expected the Tigers to come back strong after that first game. Martin was in Detroit on business for the first game, saw it on TV. Apparently it was a real nailbiter.

Man, at school they play the game on TV and there are hardly ANY Cardinals fans. If a cardinal gets out or a Tiger gets a hit, it's hard to defend yourself from all the teasing. But when Cardinals win the world series, they'll sing a different song.

I think Chris Duncan should get the rookie of the year. He doesn't act like a rookie when he plays, he's in the clubhouse.

Two down, two to go...

I saw Chris Duncan play in Memphis, he is one big guy who knows how to play (which is to be expected as his dad is a coach). He has looked good in the playoffs.

I feel pretty good about the Cards right now, they needed to split in Detroit and got that, they needed to win with Carpenter in St. Louis and got that, now they could finish this thing up in St. Louis. I don't think they will sweep in St. Louis, Detroit is good enough to bring it back to Detroit, but they'll be down 3-2.

I know you are a Cardinal fan, but remember we are from Michigan. So, our hope is, your Cardinal are beat by our Tigers! Last night the Tiger let the Cardinals have their way. Tonight we hope the Cardinals will do the same for the Tigers. I don't know if the Cardinals are equiped to play baseball in the snow, the Tigers are.
Love you, Grandma Barb

Sorry Grandma. But not really. They never had to play in the snow. David Eckstein, the series mvp was amazing.
And Jeff Weaver. Everyone was down on him when we saw the game in St. Louis this summer, but I knew he could do it.

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