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October 02, 2006


What a great blog! Your text and Martin’s photos totally capture the spirit of cross country in the hearts of our middle school runners. The cross country feature in your blog could become our greatest recruiting resource.

At the race you highlighted, twenty-five of our fifty runners reached Personal Best times. Ten of the twenty-five who were on the team last year, also broke through their former Personal Best times (usually set at the final meet) and established new, personal records this year with three weeks of training and two meets still ahead of us. These young athletes are “on fire.”

The Kanji character on the back of out t-shirt means bravery and courage. Our middle school runners exhibit plenty of both at every practice and meet, including the uphill challenge at Tama Hills runners respectfully call, “Killer Hill.” Thank you for featuring our courageous runners. Coach M.S.

Coach M.S. Thanks for the note. I have recently heard the term "Personal Best" as it relates to skating events also. I'm glad I will be able to make it to the final Cross Country meet, as it really is celebration of achievement. We all have our own "Killer Hill" to climb.
I found some more pix from the meet. These were with the film camera, so took a little longer. It's Martin's camera, but I took some of these, there's a different perspective... also a couple of Coach K.C. doing her thing.

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