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September 09, 2006


はじめまして、nice 2 meet u!




i think ... OKONOMIYAKI is Japanese SOUL FOOD!

I never thought about it before, but I'm sure you're right about Okonomiyaki being Japanese soul food. It's a good description. JOKERさん points out that it is often eaten together, with everyone putting in their chopsticks to the same food, basically with people you trust. It's not elegant cuisine, but popular food for everyone. Like monja, which I have eaten in Tsukishima with my skater friends.


Okonomiyaki is my favorite food! Sometimes I cook it myself. It's easy to cook it. I want to eat Okonomiyaki now(^^).

There is interesting "Okonomiyaki-yasan" in Tawaramachi (near Asakusa). We can eat really nice Okonomiyaki. When I go to Asakusa, I go there everytime. The Okonomiyakiyasan called "Sometaro" that is traditional restaurant. The following is photos.

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