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August 20, 2006


Glad to see you back on the skates. =)

Good evening pamelaさん

It looks forward to meeting you of new skating.
and the barbecue was very happy.

Looked like a fun BBQ - not the typical food when I think of a BBQ. Although I see you had corn on the cob - Do you really use chop sticks to hold it while you eat it? i.e. picture #32. And who forgot the knife to cut the watermelon?


Yesterday I skated in part of the City Run for the first time since my injury. It was fun, but I was pretty stiff, especially at first. I'm out of condition, and Martin says I should exercise three times a week. I'll try.

CORN on the Cob is not the same here. I love fresh and tender sweet corn, grilled in the husk and eaten by hand with lots of butter and salt. I had it as often as possible in the states this summer. I ate it in Michigan twice, Tennessee, St. Louis and Chicago. Here it is often cut in a quarter of a cob, it is not so tender, the kernels are more robust. Usually cooked directly on the grill, no husk, and spread with a sweet sauce that has a soy sauce flavor. Jonah likes it, and buys it at the konnbini (convenience store) already cooked.
I'm good enough with my chopsticks that I don't starve, but I don't think I could use them for corn, although I know people do. They don't really eat with their hands that much.
One ear of fresh corn in the husk is 140 yen, that's about $1.20 USD apiece!

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