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May 15, 2006


How cool, didn't know this was also a cooking blog :-)

I still use the guacamole recipe you gave me many moons ago, so am sure that the Yakisoba will be very good.

After reading and looking at the pictures of the Yakisoba my mouth was watering. It sounded so good - so I ran out to the store to see if I could get the noodles. No Luck! I called my japanese friend Komiko and she said the store here did carry them but haven't for a while. She told me where to pick some up in Grand Rapids and there is also a restaurant called Tokyo Grill nearby so Mom and I will are going to go have lunch sometime and go shopping. I can't wait. Komiko said she loves yakisoba and made almost everday for lunch and her son Dayton likes it too. So I hope it will be something my kids enjoy. Thanks for the insight on the japanese food. Hope all is well.

I didn't mention it above, because we didn't do toppings that night, but two accompaniments with yakisoba are the beni-syoga (red pickled ginger) and a sprinkle of nori (finely chopped seawead) on top. The nori is optional, but I would encourage you to get the benisyoga, I think it adds alot.

Here's a couple useful links, Nikki, you don't really need them because you've got Komiko, but Matt might want to try the recipe.

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