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April 06, 2006


Seems like China Quick was a BIG SUCCESS.

your story made me giggle. I can just picture myself in your shoes trying to order thai take out in Japanese - I don't think I'd have nearly the patience or resolve that you have. Good Job, Pam --- now for the really important question ---How'd it taste? BTW our weeping cherry is blooming beautifully in front of our house :0)

Hi. Thanks for your comment on my article. I was triggered to write another article on eating manner, and put it a while ago.

By the way making a phone call in a foreign language IS scarey. Doing this in English when I was in America was one of the scariest experiences. I hated when I figured out the call was for my roommate. I tried not to leave a message for her from a fear of making mistakes...

Forgot to put in Japanese...


Sorry, in my English comment I mean "I tried not to take a message for her" in the last sentence. ちょっと間違えました。

Leave vs. Take

Maybe you mean: "I always hoped I wouldn't have to take a message for fear of making a mistake." OR "I didn't want to have to take a message because I didn't want to make a mistake."
Saying "I tried not to take a message" sounds like the person wanted to leave a message and you wouldn't let them.
On second thought, maybe that's true. Maybe you would tell them to call back and talk to her.

Hello, Pamela!

I enjoyed reading your story. Wow, your challenging spirit is amazing! My husband always handed me the phone, when ever it rang while we were in U.S. (He hates English !!)

Keep trying! I know it's hard and difficult but it will lead to success!!!

がんばってね(^^) 応援(おうえん)しているよ! 

Very interesting post. I'd imagined it would be hard to get along in a city that spoke an entirely different language. Hadn't thought through how difficult it could be, especially talking on the phone. When talking face to face, you can make gestures to help get your point across, but that is gone when on the phone.

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading your posts.

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