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April 04, 2006


Hello! Your husband sounds very busy. But it is nice to go sightseeing when he has time.

こんにちは! ご主人、とても忙しそうですね。でも時間があるときに観光ができるというのは良いですね~!

Just a quick note. "an injured foot" is fine with けがをした足 or 傷ついた足.
傷つけられたフィート(あし)sounds like someone hurt a foot and that's why it's hurt.

I don't mean to be picky but you might be interested in improving your translation since you seem eager to learn Japanese...
No offense please!

Thanks MomKori.
I do appreciate your advice, as well as when you write in both languages. I also enjoy your website very much, and will comment more there. (Smile Smile) >>

I'm sure there are many mistakes, but the one you mention about the foot deals with what I have been studying lately. active vs. passive verbs, but I keep getting them mixed up with transitive and intransitive verbs. Matsui-san has been trying to help me get it straight.

Using slightly different vocabulary,
I wrote something like 足が切り傷をされた。
Which means, "the foot was cut "by someone"
This is Passive and Intransitive.

To me, it was passive, because he was just walking on the beach, and something cut his foot. To me, the word passive makes sense here, but that is part of what is mixing me up... because it is WRONG.

足が切り傷をした。 which means, "the foot was cut". is what I should have written. This is Intransitive, meaning, it doesn't take an object. But to me, there is an object, and its the foot and it received the action of the verb, cut/wound.

大変ですね。日本語はとても難しいですね。 私の頭が粥になった。
Japanese is so hard! My brain is mush.

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