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March 23, 2006


>People think that just by living in a foreign country you will absorb the language and it's just not so.

That is exactly what I'm going through!
But I admire your effort. Keep up the good work!

Good point about the word "play" in Japanese.
You are right. 吹奏 does mean blow. But if you want to use as a verb, 吹く(fuku) or 演奏する (ensou suru)is more natural.

watashi wa flute wo fukimasu.
I play the flute.

sennseiwa kankyaku no mae de flutewo ensou shimasita.
The teacher played the flute in front of the audience.

sennseino ennsouwa subarasikatta desu.
She played wonderfully. or Her performance was wonderful.

The word 吹奏is often used as a noun like 吹奏楽(wind instrument music)。

引く(hiku) is pull
弾く(hiku) is play string instrument

there's a word for "play catch " which is  キャッチボール

johna to watashi wa kyachibo-ru wo shimashita.
Johna and I played catch.

play for the Cardinals
the tricky part is "for"
Japanese often make mistakes when writing in English, play "at" the Cardinals.
This is because we say,


のために means "for the sake of"

Forgive me for being so picky!
Hope you are feeling better, after all those excercises!

Thanks. I don't think you are being picky at all, to me it is more helpful to have my own mistakes corrected and explained, than to study a book that is correctly written to begin with.

I'm feeling great. I was lucky to attend two Ohanami's today. After City Run, about 8 of my skating pals went with me to Aoyama cemetery and sat under tree #59 which was about 90% bloom. After that, I skated to Shinjuku Gyoen, and met the family and friends for another fun time. That park was very crowded and the cherries were at about 50-60%.

Two very different scenes, both nice.

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