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September 29, 2005


うどんには2種類あるんですよ。Udon has two kind taste. 関東風(Kanto-taste)と関西風(Kansai-taste)です。味がまったくちがいます。those taste is quite different. 僕は関西風が好きです。I lile Kansai-taste.


ブログを ありがとう。 いつも 面白いです。
私は あまり 食べ物の漢字を 読めない。 いつも、レストランへ行く場合、 メニュで 写真を 見て、料理を 決めるんです。

日本語の勉強を がんばってください。


I learn English from some Winery brochure.
Some words are very difficult(I have never heard), but my teacher said "you can remember high level words!"
I need to stady hard from them....


Point and order. Been there, doing that. Sometimes I'm surprised by what I get. はは
I don't know if I made Kanto or Kansai taste. I used the つゆ sauce from my Japanese co-op.

Kayちゃん、ironically, after our talk Sunday about your interest in working in a vineyard in Australia, I came home and watched "French Kiss" in Japanese with Martin. I saw it in English years ago, so I could guess at the dialog, plus it had Japanese subtitles, which was another hint. You have to see this movie.ぶどう園と愛についてある。面白くて、すばらしいです。

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