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September 20, 2005


I'm not going to let my girls read this post, they're already all over me to get iPods and this will only fuel the fire...

Actually, they sound like a great device and this would give me a good reason to turn them on to my CD collection. I have over 300 CDs, there should be something they'd like.

Let me guess, Matt...
Guess Who, Kansas, Ozzy...
or more like Eurythmics, Dave Matthews, Green Day...
or is it Eminem, Cold Play, Good Charlotte.

I love Dido best of all, but sometimes she's too sad. I listen to Five for Fighting, 3 Doors Down, LIVE and Counting Crows quite a bit. I really like the shuffle mode on my mini. It's fun to be surprised by yet another of my favorites. Or I just push the forward button if I'm not in the mood for that song.

Yes Matt, you might want to consider an ipod for yourself.

I have a bit of everything, from Mozart to Johnny Cash to The Dead Kennedy's.

Been listening to King Crimson, The White Stripes, & Queen's of the Stone Age when I'm in a heavy mood lately. Like Jolie Holland, Cold Mountain Soundtrack, or O Brother Where Art Thou when in a mellower mood.

One of the guys I work with has been raving about his ipod. Am thinking of getting a few of them for the family for Christmas.

What kind of music do you hear on the radio in Tokyo? I am interested in how culture is different in other parts of the world.

I told myself that I would have to learn how to really work my digital camera before I could even think about getting an ipod, but my resolve is wavering...I want that Nano. It's so cute!

Matt: Radio? The only time I ever listen to the radio here is National Public Radio "All things considered" and AOL Radio (Adult Alternative Music) on my computer in my kitchen while I'm cooking... or at TAC in the Gym they have a bilingual pop station going. I'm thinking of buying some Japanese music, but I don't know what to get.

Rebecca: It will be easier to learn the ipod Nano than photo editing, I think. But it depends on what you want out of it. Music or pictures. I've learned a little about each. Recently I complained that I don't like to page through 1000 songs to find the one I want on my mini and my pal said to make some playlists, that would help. Um. I guess I'll have to figure out how to do that.
About that resolve!! Don't forget, you resolved to work out with me before ikebana on Friday, girl.

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