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July 18, 2005


Very cool. I remember floating with you and Martin in southern Missouri, we had some great times. There is something about floating along, enjoying the scenary that calms one down and lets you reconnect.

Floating. Drinking... It was always fun wasn't it. Got a little sunburn, but we didn't care. See that little boat that Martin has there. Radio propelled. He had a big time with that boat...
Got it all the way down the river then fried the radio thing. はは 楽しかったです。

I was wondering what was in his hands, didn't notice the little boat.

We'll have to do the North Fork of the White again, great place to float and have some beverages. Floated it last year with Kenin and my brother Frank. Had a great time. Frank has a 35' foot trailer, so the living conditions were much better than the last time we camped: A/C, stereo, indoor plumbing...

Hey Matt, the canoe trip memories are great. Monica was less than 2yrs during our 4th of July trip in '94; at one point we though we would lose her! I look forward to getting back to Missouri someday.

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